Performax360 Features Overview


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Engagement & Alignment

Key Features

  • Identifies Key Goals & Objectives
    Requires explicit identification of goals and objectives.
  • Identifies Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
    Requires explicit identification of the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) relevant to the Strateagic Goals.
  • Focuses on Key Business Components
    Ensures focus on core internal functions, support functions, or enterprise-wide business components.
  • Identifies Key Stakeholders
    Explicitly identifies both internal and external stakeholders, e.g., employees, customers, partners, suppliers, community, etc.
  • Captures Feedback and Recommendations
    Captures ongoing and real-time feedback and feed-forward (ideas for action) on critical success factors.
  • Assessor Anonymity Option
    Assessors (stakeholders) may be anonymous during the feedback process.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device, any language* feedback
    Assessors may submit feedback using the web or mobile (IOS/Android) apps; multi-language feature is forthcoming.
  • Voice Recognition
    VoiceDirect is a speech-to-text functionality to facilitate feedback capture from Assessors through both web and mobile devices.

Analytics & Insights

Key Features
  • Dynamic SWOT Analysis
    Based on stakeholder feedback, the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are classified into the SWOT buckets, and allows drill-down capabilities.
  • Dynamic Balanced Scorecard*
    Based on the KPIs linked to Critical Success Factors and Action Plans, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is developed (*feature forthcoming).
  • Effectiveness Ratings & Trends
    Based on stakeholder feedback ratings, real-time effectiveness levels are displayed for each Critical Success Factor (CSF).
  • Stakeholder Sentiment Analysis (IBM Watson)
    Based on IBM Watson artificial intelligence and natural language processing, stakeholder sentiment and emotion analysis are presented.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Based on Neural Network Forecasting, the forward 90-day effectiveness level for each Critical Success Factor is presented.
  • Positive & Negative Effectiveness Trends
    Highlights Critical Siccess Factors with a positive or negative effectiveness trends.
  • Multi-stakeholder Recommendations
    Stakeholder feedback and recommendations are captured and presented in real-time, for actionable business intelligence.
  • Search and Query Stakeholder Feedback
    Stakeholder feedback may be searched by keyword to rapidly focus on stakeholder insights.

Agile Strategy Execution

Key Features
  • Real-time Stakeholder Intelligence
    Captures real-time feedback and feed-forward (ideas for action) from key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Engages Employees Vertically
    Senior, mid-level, and junior management are engaged in real-time within functional teams.
  • Engages Employees Horizontally
    Employees across functions are engaged to provide their feedback and recommendations on critical enterprise-wide issues.
  • Dynamic Strategy Maps*
    Develops a dynamic Strategy Map based on strategic goals and their cause-and effect relations across the four (4) Balanced Scorecard perspectives (*feature forthcoming).
  • Dynamic Balanced Scorecard*
    Develops a dynamic Balanced Scorecard based on strategic goals, KPIs, and key initiatives (*feature forthcoming).
  • Multi-stakeholder Insights
    Provides a multi-stakeholder perspective (inside-out and outside-in) on critical success factors relevant to the organization.
  • Real-time Performance Alerts
    Includes configurable real-time performance alerts, based on effectiveness levels, stakeholder sentiment levels, KPI performance etc.
  • Monitors Strategic Priorities
    Monitors the effectiveness levels for key strategic initiatives and critical success factors.

Continuous 360° Touchpoints

Performax360 ensures continuous touchpoints with key stakeholder groups on critical issues relevant to projects, initiatives, internal functions, and processes.

By capturing real-time qualitative and quantitative feedback from key stakeholder groups such as employees, customers, partners, or community members, Performax360 supports you with 360° LIVE business intelligence.

Your stakeholders may use the Performax360 web app, IOS app, or Android app to submit their feedback anytime, from anywhere, on any device. This makes it easy for them to share their observations, comments, and ideas for action on critical issues.

In-Context Collaboration

In the age of big-data, we have access to too much information, but not necessarily the right information. For decision-making purposes, we need access to ‘high-fidelity’ business intelligence on critical success factors and key issues relevant to projects, initiatives, functions, and processes.

We call it ‘contextual intelligence’, which is business intelligence specifically collected on critical organizational issues, from all key stakeholders, in real-time. Performax360 thus leverages core decision-support intelligence, powered by sentiment and emotion analysis by IBM Watson cognitive analytics.

When stakeholders provide their feedback on contextually relevant issues, they can collaborate through the collaboration hub – real-time and asynchronous chatrooms specific to each critical issue.

Artificial Intelligence

Performax360 utilizes various proprietary AI algorithms and technologies to uncover hidden patterns in data. These include:

  1. Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) optimisation stochastic search algorithm based on mechanisms of natural selection. The Pareto frontier represents the set of non-dominated Stakeholder Sentiment ratings, related to KPI attainment.
  2. Multi-class Support Vector Machine (SVM) to find the optimal separating hyperplanes between critical issues being evaluated
  3. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) identifies principal component groupings for critical issues which reduces the dimensionality of data through an orthogonal transformation
  4. Sentiment Analysis with IBM Watson Deep Learning (DL)
  5. Neural Network Forecasting (NNF) leveraging the Levenberg-Marquardt training algorithm
  6. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)Sugeno-type, whose membership function parameters have been tuned using neuro-adaptive learning methods
  7. Context-Aware Intelligent Recommendation System (CAIRS) leveraging adaptive deterministic feedback
  8. Value at Risk (VaR) analysis leveraging non-parametric historical simulation algorithm at the 95% significance level.

SaaS and On-premise Versions

Performax360 is a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that can be deployed based on four different hosting options:

  1. Public Cloud: Hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud with high-grade data security and SSL, as a multi-tenant deployment
  2. Private Cloud (managed by Performax): Hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud with high-grade data security and SSL, as a single-tenant deployment
  3. Private Cloud (managed by client): Hosted in any cloud service provider, as a single or multi-tenant deployment
  4. On-premise deployment: Hosted in the client’s own server, and behind the firewall. This option involves additional deployment costs and technical support fees.

US-EU Privacy Shield Compliance

The EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks were designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the European Commission and Swiss Administration, respectively, to provide companies on both sides of the Atlantic with a mechanism to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce. On July 12, 2016, the European Commission deemed the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework adequate to enable data transfers under EU law (see the adequacy determination). The Privacy Shield program, which is administered by the International Trade Administration (ITA) within the U.S. Department of Commerce, enables U.S.-based organizations to join one or both of the Privacy Shield Frameworks in order to benefit from the adequacy determinations.

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding

Performax Inc. has partnered with IBM to leverage IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding Cognitive Analytics engine for stakeholder sentiment and emotion analysis in real-time.

Uncover insights from structured and unstructured data: analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, entities, keywords, categories, relations and semantic roles.

Understand stakeholder sentiment and emotion: returns both overall sentiment and emotion for a document, and targeted sentiment and emotion towards keywords in the text for deeper analysis.

Project Management for Action Plan Implementation

Since Performax360 is a LIVE ongoing stakeholder engagement platform, stakeholders may submit ‘Ideas for Action (IFAs)’ anytime from anywhere.

IFAs are dynamically reviewed, shortlisted, and submitted for approval by members of the Expert Panel for Action Planning.

The Executive Sponsor/CXO approves the action plan, allocates required resources for project implementation, assigns accountability, and monitors the action plan implementation progress through the Implementation Dashboard.

Real-time Performance Alerts

Organisations operate within a complex set of processes, policies, business rules, strategies, and practices. As such, it is imperative to keep team members on the same page, whether it is a project, process, function, or business unit that needs to be optimized.

Performax360 not only provides you with access to issue-specific stakeholder intelligence in real-time, and advanced analytics on the feedback collected, it constantly monitors your organisation’s performance environment, to pro-actively inform you of positive or negative performance alerts through our mobile app, right on your phone.

Configure the performance alerts as you prefer, in terms of topic, frequency, and parameter thresholds, so that you receive the right type of performance alerts, which come with drill-down capabilities for additional performance details, and enables you to take action instantly.

Access the World’s Largest Best Practices Knowledgebase

Our proprietary best practices knowledgebase includes 30,000+ Critical Issues of Critical Success Factors (CSFs); 60,000+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); 1,000+ Key Result Areas (KRAs), and over 1,000,000 Ideas for Action (IFAs) across 35 industry verticals, and 34 business components.

When you purchase an assessment, such as Sales or Marketing, you get access to pre-packaged best practices assessment templates and related best practices knowledgebase, to support the identification of critical issues, KPIs, and action plans.

Engagement & Collaboration

Stakeholder engagement takes place through the LIVE collaborative feedback process

Collaboration features included in Performax360:

  1. Collaboration Hub chatrooms
  2. Expert Panels for Assessment Design
  3. Expert Panel for Assessor Selection
  4. Expert Panel for Action Planning
  5. Collaborative Action Plan Implementation
  6. PerformaxShare for sharing assessment results
  7. ExpertConnect for engaging external consultants

Add any group of stakeholders within an assessment process


Stakeholders may collaborate in real-time through the ‘Collaboration Hub’


New stakeholders may be added anytime, as part of the ongoing assessment process


Action Plans are prioritised by the Expert Panel for Action Planning, supported by an Artificial Intelligence-driven Fuzzy Logic algorithm.


An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is utilised to develop Risk and Optimisation indices for each critical issue.

Analytics & Insights

30+ Analytics Features

Stakeholder feedback is collected on an ongoing basis, and analysed leveraging advanced analytical tools. These include:

  • Effectiveness assessments
  • Dynamic SWOT Analysis
  • Dynamic Balanced Scorecard
  • Resource Optimisation Analysis
  • Stakeholder Sentiment Analysis using IBM Watson
  • Risk Analysis & Stress Testing
  • KPI Attainment Optimisation Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics (Trends & Forecasts)
  • And many more.

Sense & Respond

Real-time analysis of stakeholder feedback

Sense and Respond capabilities can be more attuned to actual stakeholder emotions and sentiment, rather than mere KPI results and reports.


Real-time sensing capabilities, including cognitive analytics


Near real-time capabilities to respond to risks and opportunities


Monitor organizational effectiveness levels for critical issues


Monitor stakeholder sentiment on critical issues

Performance Monitoring

Monitor not just KPI results, but also stakeholder sentiment and emotions on critical issues

With Performax360, you can monitor innovative ideas for action, stakeholder sentiment and emotions, and action plan implementation progress

And of course there is more to explore.
Other noteworthy features are:

34 Business Components

Performax360 offers 34 different assessments

1,000,000+ Ideas for Action

from our Best Practices knowledgebase

24/7 Support

Got any issues? Get in touch!

30,000+ Hours

of coding, development, and testing

5+ Years in Development

We aim for continuous improvement

30+ Analytics Features

To support data-driven insights