Spice Catalyst and Performax integrate Product Marketing and 360° Insights

Spice Catalyst and Performax Announce a Partnership by integrating Product Marketing Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics

Spice Catalyst LLC (www.spicecatalyst.com) is a new business development, product management, and product marketing services company which helps companies accelerate and sustain new business growth by aligning strategy, teams, process, and systems to enable continual learning, insanely great innovation, and total customer experience has driven products and customer engagement. Spice Catalyst assesses, identifies gaps, and then helps align strategy, people, process and systems to build a business culture and process that delivers continual learning and innovation starting at the product level all the way through the customer experience. Spice provides the latest thinking to business teams and helps them integrate and align their initiatives, information flows and decision processes to keep the entire organization working as one to focus on the initiatives that deliver truly breakthrough value.

Performax Inc. (www.performax360.com) is a stakeholder engagement automation and business intelligence software platform, offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud or on-premise solution, powered by IBM Watson.

Suitable for mid-size and large organisations across all industries, it engages employees, customers, and partners in a LIVE 360° feedback and feed-forward process, and captures grass-roots stakeholder intelligence on critical issues related to  projects, processes or internal functions. It facilitates collaborative innovation and agile sense and respond capability within organizations.

Spice Catalyst and Performax today announced the availability of two organisational assessments using Spice Catalyst’s proprietary competency framework: (1) Individual Employee Competency assessment for product management team members, and (2) Product Lifecycle Management assessment for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the Product Management function as a whole.

The partnership enables a perfect blend of product management best practices and near real-time availability of actionable stakeholder intelligence.  This integrated solution offering will help mid-to-large organizations across industry verticals accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through: (1) capturing real-time stakeholder intelligence and insights on critical success factors, (2) enabling greater organisational agility and innovation, and (3) leveraging best and next practices for strategic and operational decisions.  

Organizations will now have the capability to monitor organisational or team performance dynamically and in real-time, supported by IBM Watson cognitive analytics, which delivers stakeholder sentiment analysis. In addition, key product management competencies can be evaluated through multi-stakeholder insights and recommendations, which jumpstarts innovation. Armed with the latest thinking on product management, new business development, and product marketing, organizations can further enhance their effectiveness in the increasingly digital and hyper-competitive business environment. 

Product Management is a key organizational lifecycle function typically responsible for the planning, forecasting, production, or marketing of products at all stages of the product lifecycle. Similarly, product lifecycle management integrates people, data, processes and business systems. The primary challenge of Product Management is to serve an inter-disciplinary role, bridging gaps within the company between teams of different expertise, most notably between engineering- oriented teams and commercially oriented teams. 

As the complexities of business grow, so the depth and scope of Product Management team’s knowledge of their organizations – from management level to day-to-day operations – becomes an increasingly valuable resource, providing the opportunity for the function to expand beyond product lifecycle management and inter-departmental coordination to facilitating customer-centric business transformation. But Product Management often fails to deliver its intended benefits because of a lack of 360- degree stakeholder intelligence, cognitive insights, and real-time performance management capabilities.

While Spice helps transform business development, product management, and marketing teams into high-performance growth engines producing insanely great products and customer experiences, the integration of Performax360’s cutting-edge stakeholder engagement and business intelligence technology will help companies accelerate value creation by providing real-time customer and employee touchpoints for better product quality, reduced costs, and faster realization of optimal strategies.

For companies in time pressured industries, moving from stage gate processes to lean and concurrent efforts helps to shorten development timelines. The integration between Spice Catalyst’s thought leadership and Performax’s intelligent stakeholder engagement technology allows real-time decision-support at both strategic and operational levels.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Spice Catalyst’s consulting services and Performax360’s stakeholder engagement and business intelligence platform can now be accessed by customers through a seamless single-point solution. Spice Catalyst is known for their strength in the product management space, and this partnership offers strong support for our business,” said David Fradin, Partner at Spice Catalyst LLC

“Performax360’s Digital Engagement Process promotes an open and connected environment throughout the enterprise. This extends to all internal functions, processes, and projects as we and our partners look to streamline the overall process of enterprise engagement, alignment and performance management to something that’s real-time, agile, and hyper-aware. We are excited to partner with Spice Catalyst and look forward to servicing our customers with value-added solutions.”  said Dr. Samir Asaf, President & CEO at Performax Inc.

Have questions on a release in your industry? Contact David at Spice Catalyst at dave@spicecatalyst.com, or Samir Performax Inc. at samir.asaf@performax360.com

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