Redefining ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ for the 21st Century

A 360° Business Intelligence Platform, and a next-generation Stakeholder Engagement Solution that delivers LIVE 360° ‘Sense & Respond’ capabilities through enabling continuous touchpounts with employees, customers, partners, and key stakeholders.

  • USP #1: automates the stakeholder engagement process, and uncovers 360° business intelligence on critical issues for projects, processes, and internal functions.
  • USP#2: Analyzes organizational effectiveness trends, stakeholder sentiment and emotions, SWOT analysis, Balanced Scorecards, and 30+ analytics features, powered by IBM Watson and artificial intelligence.
  • USP #3: In addition to presenting performance diagnostics, Performax360 helps with collaborative action planning and implementation monitoring, leveraging internal subject matter experts.


Performax360 is a ‘next generation‘ Business Intelligence (BI) solution that works side-by-side with ‘traditional‘ enterprise softwares such as ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.  We do not compete with SAP, Oracle, SAS, Microsoft BI, Tablaeu, Birst, and other BI platforms. Rather, we extend an organization’s ability to see the 360° picture by providing ‘incremental intelligence’ over and above what they get from traditional BI platforms.

While traditional BI solutions primarily rely on ‘Structured’, i.e., numerical data, they only leverage 20% of organizational data assets. According to IBM Institute for Business Value, 80% of organizational data is ‘Unstructured’. Performax360 helps organizations overcome this limitation by capturing ‘Unstructured Data’, i.e., text feedback, from employees, customers (through customer focus groups), and partners, so that management teams can gain 360° insights on all critical organizational issues.

Through Performax360, organizations assess specific business components, such as Internal Functions (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.) or Projects. Its fully customisable and scalable, hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud. We also offer an on-premise version. It is a web-app, and has synchronised IOS and Android Apps.

A typical customer has 5-8 functional departments, and thus may run an assessment for each core function. So, for say 6 assessments, the average deal value could be $6,000/month (professional plan), $15,000/month (analytics plan), and $30,000/month (cognitive plan).

We offer free online training and onboarding. It takes 4-6 weeks to implement an assessment and see results and reports. There is a 30-day free trial, and a no-risk 100% moneyback guarantee for the first 30 days after purchase.

We have partnered with IBM for the cognitive analytics (stakeholder sentiment analysis) part of the platform. Performax360 was recognized by CIO Review within the ‘Top 100 Big-Data Solution Providers for 2017‘.

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