Food Safety Management (ISO 22000)


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  • Food Safety Management

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27 Critical Success Factors for Food Safety Management (ISO 22000:2018)

  • Organizational Context

    • Understanding the organisation and its context
    • Documented information
    • Determining the scope of the food safety management system
    • Food safety management system
  • Leadership

    • Leadership and commitment
    • Food Safety Policy
    • Organisational roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Planning

    • Objectives of the food safety management system and planning to achieve them
    • Planning of changes
  • Support

    • Communication
    • People
    • Awareness
    • Resources
    • Infrastructure
    • Work environment
  • Operations

    • Operational planning and control
    • Prerequisite programmes (PRPs)
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • Hazard control
    • Updating the information specifying the PRPs and the hazard control plan
    • Verification related to the PRPs and the hazard control plan
    • Traceability system
    • Control of product and process nonconformities
    • Control of monitoring and measuring
  • Performance Evaluation

    • Internal audit
    • Management review
  • Improvement

    • Update of the food safety management system
    • Continual improvement

Used by organizations across the food chain to help deliver food that’s safe to eat by consumers, ISO 22000:2018 is an excellent framework to help implement a food safety management system (FSMS). How food is grown, transported, manufactured and even consumed has changed significantly since the original standard was published over a decade ago. The new standard considers these changes and aims to help organizations reduce food safety hazards.

The ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Assessment Module within Performax is designed to help organisations ensure continuous compliance to the standard, based on LIVE employee feedback on the key components of the standard. In addition, it presents advanced analytics and collaborative action planning capabilities. There is a 30-day free trial (max. 10 users) available for new customers.

The assessment module can be customised and implemented within 2-3 hours. The initial round of feedback from stakeholders may take 1-2 weeks. Reports are generated in real-time. So, within 2-4 weeks, you’ll be able to ‘sense and respond’ to food safety issues, and take action on innovative improvement ideas.

ISO 22000:2018 is based on the ISO high level structure (HLS) that brings a common framework to all management systems. This helps to keep consistency, align different management system standards, offer matching sub-clauses against the top- level structure and apply common language across all standards. With the new standard in place, organizations will find it easier to incorporate their food safety management system into core business processes and get more involvement from senior management.

Carrying out the Information Security (ISO 22000:2018) assessment through Performax allows you to engage key internal employees and external stakeholders (customers, partners, etc.) in a LIVE feedback and feed-forward process. Gain multi-stakeholder insights on the 22 critical success factors, derived from the ISO 22000:2018 standard, relevant to your Food Safety Management program.

With Performax, organizations can engage employees, partners, suppliers, and customer focus groups in evaluating its effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses, and capturing ‘ideas for action’ for Food Safety Management. Using ISO 22000:2018 helps ensure that products and services are produced in a way that follows the highest standards of food safety, which in turn brings many business benefits.

Performax provides a LIVE employee feedback and engagement platform for Food Safety (ISO 22000:2018)

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