A 360° Performance Lens for Financial Services

The Financial Services landscape is being disrupted by the need for digital transformation. Is your Financial Services firm ready to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0… characterised by automation, internet of things, cloud, social, mobile, big-data, and cognitive computing.

  • The impact of risk and regulation has been a challenge.
  • Financial crime and Cyber-Security issues are taking center stage.
  • Innovations in mobile and digital technologies are creating new possibilities.
  • While the disruptive impact of FinTech promises to power the emerging financial services sector in the 21st century, the changing face of the customer requires equal, if not more, attention.

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In this rapidly changing environment, traditional KPI-based business intelligence and financial reporting systems are failing to provide financial services firms with the 360° Performance Lens needed to shape their businesses and execute their strategies.  What’s the way forward?

In this fast-evolving Financial Services marketplace, digital transformation is essential, but financial firms cannot stop there… They need to go beyond digital. In addition to Automated Servicing and Personalization, seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experiences need to be designed and flawlessly executed. In a data-driven enterprise, the capability to ‘Sense and Respond’ to optimize the employee and customer experience becomes a critical success factor.

A focus on Employee and Customer-Centricity is becoming an increasingly important differentiator in the marketplace. Engaging employees is ever more important for attracting and nurturing people with the mindset and ideas to develop lasting relationships, work within tougher risk and compliance demands, and create customer value over the long-term.

What if you could cover the full spectrum of employee, customer, and stakeholder feedback on all critical areas? Gain 360° strategic and operational insights on key issues from people from the front-line to the boardroom… and identify hidden risks and emerging opportunities in near real-time…

With 360° cognitive insights, what if you could enhance your situational awareness and the ability to anticipate rather than react, to operational risks and strategic opportunities… What if you could give your team members the ability to participate in a collaborative business improvement and innovation process? With Performax360, you can.

  • Engage employees, customers, and partners in a LIVE 360° feedback process, leveraging latest advances in data science and cognitive analytics.
  • Through this award-winning big-data platform, access more than 30 Analytics Features, to gain high-resolution Business Intelligence on internal functions, processes, and key projects.
  • Access Stakeholder Sentiment and Emotions, powered by IBM Watson cognitive analytics.
  • Capture innovative ideas from people in the know, to discover and implement breakthrough improvements.
  • Engage internal Subject Matter Experts for assessment design, stakeholder selection, and action planning.
  • Leverage Best Practices Questionnaire Templates for the Financial Services Industry

Performax360 provides financial services firms with ‘360° performance insights’, which helps them identify operational risk and compliance issues.

  • It deepens Employee Motivation by giving them a voice on both strategic and operational issues.
  • It helps foster greater Internal Alignment and Cross-functional coordination
  • It facilitates Organizational Agility and Speed by capturing multi-stakeholder insights, and helping you act on them collaboratively.
  • It fosters mutual trust and accountability by helping make ‘performance improvement’ a team-sport.
  • It promotes Transparency and Trust within your team, and with your customers, and partners.
  • It’s designed to help you evaluate the effectiveness of core internal functions such as: Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Customer Service, and Strategy
  • It carries out LIVE 360° Surveys to assess the effectiveness of your key projects, processes, Organizational Climate, Organizational Pulse, Voice of Employee, Voice of Customer, or any other business component.

Implementing Performax360 is easy…  It’s a Customisable, Scalable, and Robust business intelligence platform that works side-by-side your existing BI solutions.  As a SaaS solution, it is deployed on the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud with high-grade data security features built-in.

We take data security and privacy very seriously, and are compliant with the US-EU Data Privacy Shield requirements. Access Free online Training and On-boarding for all your team members, and 24/7 customer support. In addition, we offer a customisable ‘On-premise’ deployment option.

Leverage our Turnkey Implementation Services to help you with:

  • Assessment Customization
  • User Training and On-boarding
  • Assessment Administration, and
  • Results Interpretation Support.

It takes about 4-6 weeks to complete an assessment cycle, before the ongoing ‘stakeholder feedback’ phase begins.

Try Performax360, free, for 30-days, or request a live demo at www.performax360.com

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