Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

Under COMPASS, Performax will carry  out a TNA of your team or your organisation by implementing an online survey of employees and capturing their feedback on skills and competencies that they would like to focus on.

We will summarise the findings in a report that will highlight key skills and competencies, according to priority, where the organisation ought to consider investing in training and development programs. Customised TNAs typically cost between $5,000 – $15,000, and are carried out annually.

Customised e-Learning

On-demand e-Learning programs can be accessed by employees anytime and from anywhere. In addition, COMPASS provided each employee with a unique login ID and password, so that they can individually access their own learning plans and assessments.

Through COMPASS, you get access to a library of 20+ standard courses. In addition, courses can be fully customised as per client requirements, provided that the course content is provided. There are additional costs for customised course development that typically range between $5,000 – $15,000 per course.

Monitoring & Reporting

COMPASS customers are provided with ongoing reporting related to progress on employee enrolments, assessment results, and preferences. Training programs are also continually updated and refined based on employee feedback.

Customisable & Scalable L&D Solution

COMPASS is an enterprise-class L&D solution designed for medium-large firms. It is a customised software platform solution that ensures employees have on-demand access to world-class e-learning programs along with skills assessments, designed to help improve individual and team productivity.

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