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Performax Partners with Employee Engagement Institute

Employee Engagement Institute (EEI) and Performax Announce a Partnership by integrating Employee Engagement Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics Employee Engagement Institute (www.employeeengagementinstitute.com) is a training and consulting firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1993 it began helping clients maximize profits by tuning their companies to perform at full potential. By […]

Performax Partners with Analytics-Based Performance Management

Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC and Performax Inc. Announce a Partnership by Integrating Performance Management Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC (www.analyticsperfmgmt.com) is a consulting firm based out of North Carolina, USA, and has expertise in the areas of accounting and analytics maturity assessments; strategy execution and profitability analysis, […]

Performax Partners with Creelman Strategy Alliance

Creelman Strategy Alliance (UK) provides expert guidance in digital era strategy management to private and government organizations across the globe, focusing on building and implementing: (1) Agile and Adaptive Balanced Scorecard Frameworks, (2) Integrated Strategy Formulation and Execution Approaches for the Digital Era, (3) Strategic Risk Management, and (4) Strategy-Aligned Corporate Cultures. James Creelman is […]

Redefining ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ for the 21st Century

A 360° Business Intelligence Platform, and a next-generation Stakeholder Engagement Solution that delivers LIVE 360° ‘Sense & Respond’ capabilities through enabling continuous touchpounts with employees, customers, partners, and key stakeholders. USP #1: automates the stakeholder engagement process, and uncovers 360° business intelligence on critical issues for projects, processes, and internal functions. USP#2: Analyzes organizational effectiveness trends, stakeholder sentiment and emotions, SWOT analysis, Balanced Scorecards, and 30+ […]