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GEO Group and Performax integrate Collective IQ with State-of-the-art Engagement and Analytics Technology

GEO Group and Performax Partner GEO Group (www.geogroup.net) is a strategic services consulting firm based in Louisiana, lead by senior advisors, Leland Russell and Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair, Ph.D. – globally recognized thought leaders in strategic management, innovative collaboration, virtual strategic thinking, planning and execution. GEO Group Strategic Services Inc. specializes in the design and deployment of […]

Customer-centricity: a multi-stakeholder approach

Dr. Samir Asaf and James Creelman Few organizations would dare state they were not “customer-centric.” CEOs talk endlessly about “putting the customer first” and “customer engagement.” We can trace the origins back 25+ years when we began using terms (nonsensical in hindsight) such as “the customer is always right” and, even worse, “the customer is King.” Since […]

Del Mar Research and Performax integrate Customer Experience Management with LIVE 360° Insights

Del Mar Research (www.delmarresearch.com) is a customer experience training and CX consulting firm based in San Diego, lead by Jeofrey Bean – a globally recognized thought leader in CX management and author of ‘Customer Experience Rules: 52 Best Practices from Customer Experience Leaders’. Performax Inc. (www.performax360.com) is a stakeholder engagement automation and business intelligence software […]

Outside in, not Inside out: The Key to Becoming Customer-Centric.

Dr. Samir Asaf and James Creelman A study by Bain & Co. showed that whereas 80% of CEOs believe their organizations are customer-centric, only 8% of their customers agree. Herein lies a dangerous “managerial blindspot” that has often proven fatal to organizations. The top management teams tend to be over-confident that their mindset and strategic approach […]

Spice Catalyst and Performax integrate Product Marketing and 360° Insights

Spice Catalyst and Performax Announce a Partnership by integrating Product Marketing Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics Spice Catalyst LLC (www.spicecatalyst.com) is a new business development, product management, and product marketing services company which helps companies accelerate and sustain new business growth by aligning strategy, teams, process, and systems to enable continual […]

Performax Partners with Employee Engagement Institute

Employee Engagement Institute (EEI) and Performax Announce a Partnership by integrating Employee Engagement Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics Employee Engagement Institute (www.employeeengagementinstitute.com) is a training and consulting firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1993 it began helping clients maximize profits by tuning their companies to perform at full potential. By […]

Performax Partners with Analytics-Based Performance Management

Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC and Performax Inc. Announce a Partnership by Integrating Performance Management Best Practices with LIVE 360° Stakeholder Engagement & Analytics Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC (www.analyticsperfmgmt.com) is a consulting firm based out of North Carolina, USA, and has expertise in the areas of accounting and analytics maturity assessments; strategy execution and profitability analysis, […]

Performax Partners with Creelman Strategy Alliance

Creelman Strategy Alliance (UK) provides expert guidance in digital era strategy management to private and government organizations across the globe, focusing on building and implementing: (1) Agile and Adaptive Balanced Scorecard Frameworks, (2) Integrated Strategy Formulation and Execution Approaches for the Digital Era, (3) Strategic Risk Management, and (4) Strategy-Aligned Corporate Cultures. James Creelman is […]