About us

We offer a Stakeholder Engagement and Business Intelligence Software Platform for mid-large companies across all industries.

Incorporated in California in 2015. Performax360 is a cloud-based Business Intelligence Platform, offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise solution, powered by IBM Watson.

As such, the software platform is offered as a web, IOS, and Android application. Suitable for mid-size and large organisations across all industries, it engages employees, customers, and partners in a LIVE 360° feedback process, and captures grass-roots stakeholder intelligence on critical issues.

In addition, it may be applied to enhance the effectiveness of projects, processes or internal functions, and facilitates 360° sense and respond capabilities within organizations.

Performax360 works side-by-side existing Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications. While traditional BI/EPM platforms such as IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI, Oracle BI, SAP, and others provide financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, and other functions, they are not purpose-built for gathering, analysing, and reporting 360° LIVE stakeholder intelligence on all critical issues faced by the organization. Take a look at our business value proposition.

Unfortunately, traditional BI platforms are not particularly suitable for un-structured/cognitive data analytics powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning. Performax360 brings these newer capabilities to the table and adds colour to your understanding of your organisation’s pulse from a 360° perspective.